Self Storage Honolulu Hawaii

Storage Tips

  1. Before packing your items, develop an inventory list of all items you plan to store.
  2. Make a list of necessary packing supplies that will be needed for the move, and obtain them. Some examples of supplies needed are boxes, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, marker pen, rope, utility knife, mattress and furniture covers.
  3. Label your boxes on multiple sides for easy identification.
  4. Seal boxes adequately and completely with tape to prevent collapsing through the bottom and to keep out dust.
  5. Pack heavy objects in smaller boxes for easier lifting.
  6. Place items that you need to access often in the front, and allow enough room for access to the items.
  7. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  8. Use the same sized boxes for easy stacking.
  9. Try to fill boxes completely, stuffing open spaces with paper to prevent collapsing.
  10. Use bubble wrap for packing fragile items, such as glasses and dishes.
  11. Wrap mirrors, pictures, and paneled glass in cardboard. Always stack on end.
  12. Store couches on its side to maximize floor space.
  13. Cover mattresses with mattress covers to protect from dust.
  14. Disassemble tables and shelves and store on its sides. Keep track of pieces for reassembly.
  15. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing. Use the space inside for increased storing capacity.
  16. Ask family and friends in advance for help, allowing a more efficient move. You may want to offer refreshments to the “helping hands”.
  17. Consider moving into the storage unit during early morning hours. It is generally not as busy, cooler in temperature, and prevents rushing to finish storing the items before closing.